Saturday, August 11, 2018

Salesforce Winter 19 release treasure hunt

Hello all,

the new Salesforce Winter 19 preview instances are live and I have started to dig into the new features. Please add any additional features you identify in the comments:

1. New Winter 19 Logo

2. Chatter

Modified Sort by Box

New button under Poll

3. Density Settings

4. Higher font contrast

5. New Search Box for List Views

6. List Views can now be shared in Lightning with groups of users

7. Copy Paste Images in Email Composer

8. Email Composer quick text available and improved contrast

9. Task Reminder can now be set directly in the Lightning action

10. Files contain now Topics

11. Dashboard charts can now customise Y-Axis Range

12. Public Groups allow now to invite external People by Email in Lightning

13. Insert Smart Links in Knowledge Articles in Lightning

14. Field Sets are now accessible in Lightning Setup

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