Friday, November 1, 2013

Couscous with vegetables (013)

Hey dudes,

this week I have been to a really nice restaurant in Amsterdam. It's called "Bazar Amsterdam" and it's located on the Albert Cuypstraat 182 in 1072 BL Amsterdam (  The building was originally an old church and is now used as a restaurant. They offer delicious north-african and oriental dishes for an affordable price. This visit has inspired me to the following recipe. I use harrissa spice to give it a nice flavor. Harissa is popular in the kitchen of northern Africa and is based on chili, cumin, coriander and garlic. It's available as a spicy paste or dried powder.

PREP: 15 min
COOK: 15 min
LEVEL: easy

For 2 people you need

Pointed pepper or Paprika / 1 big
Zucchini / 1 small
Brocoli / handful
Couscous / 250 g 
Tomatoes / 1 can
Lemon / 1 organic
Oil / 2 tablespoons
 Garlic / 2 gloves
Sea salt
Harissa spice / 1 teaspoon 


1. Read the instructions on the packing of the couscous. I used a fast cooking type that is ready in 3 min. Often you have to let it swell in water for a couple of minutes before you can use it.

2. Cut the vegetables in small cubes. Put the brocoli in a small pot and cook it for 5 min. Strain it with cold or iced water and set it aside. 

3. Brown all vegetables together with minced garlic gloves in a big pan for 10 min. At the end add tomatoes, harissa spice and salt.

4. Finally add couscous and 3 - 4 lemon slices and cook for another 5 min. Check if it needs more salt.


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